Quiet Ultra-Efficient Integrated Aircraft (QUEIA), Concept Design for 2058 Aircraft, by MAE students advised by Prof. Gecheng Zha. 2nd place winner of the 2008 NASA University Student Competition.
Artistic rendering of human habitats on Mars -- MAE Professor Victoria Coverstone and her students, supported by NASA, are conducting rigorous feasibility studies to enable humans return to the moon and to the Mars with safe and endurable habitats.

Silent and Efficient Supersonic Bi-Directional Flying Wing (SBiDiR-FW) concept design proposed by Prof. Zha’s research group awarded by NASA’s prestigious Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program in 2012.

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The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) offers baccalaureate, masters and doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering and a baccalaureate in Aerospace Engineering. At the baccalaureate degree level, a student can study a sequence of courses to provide an option in specialized areas such as aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, energy and environmental engineering, biomedical engineering, and materials engineering and manufacturing. At the master's degree level, a student can obtain an MS degree with concentrations in additive manufacturing, internal combustion engine, and industrial management option. Our Ph.D. program provides students with in-depth scientific training in advanced aeroelasticity and aerodynamics, advanced mechanics, materials and manufacturing, clean and renewable energy technologies, combustion and heat transfer, and human musculoskeletal biomechanics.

The MAE department emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning as an integral part of the curriculum, and our small student-to-faculty ratio ensures that every student receives personalized guidance, mentorship, and encouragement throughout their academic journey.

Our Mission

The mission of the MAE Department is to provide an excellent undergraduate and graduate education in mechanical and aerospace engineering that will prepare graduates to meet society’s rapidly evolving needs and aspirations.

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