Advanced Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing (AMMM)

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The Advanced Mechanics. Materials and Manufacturing (AMMM) Group engages in scientific research in solid mechanics, materials science, and advanced manufacturing. MMM faculty develop innovative computational and experimental solutions to a variety of outstanding challenges in the areas of biological and engineered materials, mechanics of structures with multifunctional sub- or micro-structures, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for new material discovery and applications.  The AMMM cluster supports synergies among multiple strategic disciplinary areas, including healthcare engineering, energy and environment, space science and engineering, sustainability and resilience, and advanced materials. Recent research initiatives have applications in impactful areas such as nano- and bio-materials, soft & active materials for flexible electronics and energy absorption/storage, space radiation protection materials and structures, and clean energy sources. The cluster is composed of a collaborative group of faculty, graduate students, and postdocs within the MAE department, with closely affiliated researchers in the CAE, ECE, and the new CEM department in the College of Engineering. The AMMM group laboratories’ house state-of-the-art characterization and computational facilities which complement the college-wide facilities such as the Advanced Materials Innovation Lab

COE Thrusts Supported:  Energy and Environment, Space Science and Engineering, Advanced Materials

Graduate Courses Offered: Ten

Number of PhD Students: Ten

Faculty Participants:

Coordinator: Qingda Yang

MAE Members: Emrah Celik, Giacomo Po, Francesco Travascio, Charles Tomonto, Qingda Yang

Other Departments and Schools: Ali Ghahrenmaninezhad (CAE), Prannoy Suraneni (CAE), Sakhrat Khizroev (ECE)